2012 Honorariums

Alfred Bruggeman
Mary Straub

Carmela Conne’
Three Moms & a Truck Estate Sales LLC

Chuck Ehmke
Connie and Les Depperschmidt
Dean and Darlene Pater
Gerald and Janet Fager
Jim and Diane Daniels
Margaret Ehmke

David Stevenson
Riley State Bank
Stan and Debra Buseman

Don Rasmussen
Arlen and Lana Etling
Carrie Lynn Law
Charles and Lois Jean Deyoe
Debora Lee Richardson
Donald and Debra Kirk
Donna Porter
Donnadee Chastain
Douglas B. Moore
Gaylin A & Mario A Gomez
Gerald and Carlene Childs
Gerald and Judith Moore
Glenda May
Gregory Frame Shoppe
Helen M Principe
Janet Ash
Janice and Don Hougland
Janine Powell
John and Diane Lovitt
John Ditchman
Judith Wheeler Ditter
Kim Marie Thompson
Larry D. Berkgren
Lauren Heskett
Leonard E. Lopez
Lipas Hicks
Martin and Carolyn Katz
Micheal R. Myers
Patsy Vogt
Quinten and Becky Pultz
Ray Manning
Robert and Barbara Jones
Robert J & Karen A Reiter
Roberta Sutter
Rogelio D. Dizon
Sandi and Lawrence Newton
Sandra and Donald Emley
Susan Jumper
Teddy Hartke
Time For Me
Timothy & Mary Anne Freitas
Timothy and Julie Sowles
Vanessa and Carmine Gallo
Vickie Plaisance
Vionna and Tony Godbey
Roger O. Shanks

Dudley Olmey
Mary M. Roberts

Lydia Brox
Dennis & Amy Brox

Marie Bonebrake
Case A. Bonebrake

Penelope Suleiman
Gibran Suleiman
National Association of Letter Carriers Branch 1018
Penelope A. Suleiman
William and Linda Richter

Ralph Turnquist
Cifford and Karen Spaeth
Gary R. Turnquist
Verna R Turnquist

Rose Schwartz
Loretta & Keith Kinman

Rosemary Carroll
Roger O. Shanks

Shirley Green
Brenda Williams
Charlson & Wilson Bonded Abstractors
Daryl and Joyce Buchholz
George Bishop
Marion C. Boydston
Nancy Perry
Richard D & Rebecca J Blake

Terry Olson
Aaron Connet