Donations may be made to the Meadowlark Parkinson’s Program in several ways:

  • Race participants may include a donation along with their registration, either by personal check with a hard copy registration or online with an electronic registration.
  • Organizations may donate by contacting the Parkinson’s Program Leader, Michelle Haub, via mail, phone or e-mail.
    2121 Meadowlark Road, Manhattan, KS 66502
    (785) 323-3899
  • The public may donate through solicitation by individuals, team members or online.
  • Race day donations by participants or spectators are welcome at the Donations Table in Race Headquarters.

Donations are fully tax deductible. Provide your name and address along with your donation and you will receive tax documentation.

Your entire donation is used locally to improve the quality of life for those affected with Parkinson’s disease. Many of those person will be present on race day as VIPd’ers (Very Important People with Parkinson’s disease) to thank you and to increase mutual awareness. A Donation Summary Sheet is also available to aid individual solicitors and team captains.